Fujiwara No Mokou

aka dead

  • I live in dead
  • My occupation is dead
  • I am dead
  • Fujiwara No Mokou

    i wont be here anymore and i will never come back

    dont try talking to me, i wont answer


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  • Fujiwara No Mokou


    May 11, 2016 by Fujiwara No Mokou

    Some of you may be wondering where I've gone (but I highly doubt anyone would).

    You can normally find me somewhere.

    Just search the Abyssal...


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  • Fujiwara No Mokou

    Ok, lemme just start by saying that I have not left chat! Ohhh, I know, boo-hoo! So you can throw away your colourful balloons and your party poppers! Yes, I see you there holding that cake with a picture of me being chased and eaten by a dinosaur! I'm not that blind and dumb! >:/

    I'm just NEVER going to talk in the main chat again. If things get better, then I might think about doing so... If you would like to speak to me (which I doubt many of you would want to) please PM me instead. I will be watching the main chat, but I won't be talking in it. 

    I will not say why to just anybody, so even if you ask and ask I will not tell you until I feel like it. 

    I will make ONLY A FEW exceptions to talk in the main chat every once in a while for A FEW…

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  • Fujiwara No Mokou

    Trusted User Wanted!

    September 13, 2015 by Fujiwara No Mokou

    Hello everyone. I require the assistance of a user I can trust to edit my user page, since I cannot do it myself.

    Although it won't be a very difficult task, I will still show you what I want on my page. Please bear in mind that I change my characters on here, so this won't be a one-time only task.

    Is there anyone here willing to do that for me?

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  • Fujiwara No Mokou

    Taking a Break

    August 24, 2015 by Fujiwara No Mokou

    I might take a small break from CC! 

    I can't face him right now... I'm so scared to find out what his answer is! ;( I'm sorry...

    I'll be on Abyssal most of the time instead if anyone needs me. 

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