I've known him for a long time now. I can't remember how long, but it's LONG! I remember playing Hot and Cold with him. You know, that game where one person hides something and the other tries to find it. If you get closer, the hider shouts out "warmer!" If you get further away from it, the hider shouts out "colder!" I was never much of a finder, but when it comes to hiding, I was great! I knew all the secret nooks and crannies around the house. I remember his mother screaming at us both when we tried teasing the puppy by either yanking it's tail when we tried chasing it, or waving a splinter-covered stick in front of it. He was taller than me, so he was better at that than I was since the dog kept jumping up at me. She was, however, a delightful old woman; I almost considered her to be my second mother. I remember the time I had to move away... Devastating.

It was about a few months ago when we ran into the other again. Well, I say ran, but it was more like we tumbled onto each other. I was stumbling towards the train station to catch my ten o'clock train when suddenly, I was clumsy enough to trip over a tiny brick on the path. Reaching my arms forward to grab onto something, I found myself in the arms of a young man. He looked about the same age I was, 16, yet he looked much taller. Apologising, I stood up and stared at him. That face! That body! Those memories! There were no need for introductions or a big reunited speech, only a welcoming, cosy hug. I remember the feeling... Pleasant.

I now stand here. Waiting and waiting. He's coming soon! He must be! What time is it? Ah! It's 1:43! He's late, again. Does my hair look nice? Do my shoes match my dress? Why is that baby staring at me like I haven't put enough make-up on? Gah! This is too stressful. I should've told him the day I left that I liked him. That way, I wouldn't have to go through all this nervousness. I feel like there's bats in my stomach. Yes, bats! I have a funny feeling, but also a sad feeling. What if he doesn't show up? I'm doomed. Urgh... Perhaps I should just sit back down and wait a little while longer. Wha?!

I remember the feeling I had turning around... Heartbreaking.

There I see him. I see him sitting there where I was. Something's really off though. There's another sitting right next to him, and they're... cuddling? My old friend was cuddling another girl? My heart sunk deeper into my stomach and the bats now turned bloodthirsty. Deeper than the Titanic sunk in this heartbreaking story. My face turns red, really red! It almost look like I am going to explode like a firework right there, a volcanic meltdown! No... This is wrong. I shouldn't let myself get in the way of their happiness. I'll just turn around instead and aaaah! Reaching my arms out to grab something, I found myself in the arms of a young man. He looks about the same age I am, 16, yet he looks a little smaller than I am. "You OK?" He says. "You tripped over. Don't worry! I've got you now." I have a feeling... Happiness.