On a dimly lit, stormy night, a young girl named Yumi was running home from her school that afternoon when she saw an abandoned porcelain western-style doll near her home. Its dress was torn and had an incredibly unsettling smile. Thinking it was really pitiful to see the doll all alone, she took her home. She named the doll "Mary" and that night night when she went to sleep, she left Mary standing next to her bed. The next morning, she was surprised to see that the old doll wasn't standing as she left it, but actually tucked into bed next to her. Perhaps her mother had put the doll in her bed while she was asleep. Brushing it off, she continued with her boring day in school.

The next night, she left the doll sitting on her nightstand once again and went to sleep. Even so, the next morning, she found the doll next to her in the bed once again. The following days, the same thing happened; regardless of where she left the doll the previous night, it would always appear next to her in the morning. This continuously happened for a week. Deeply disturbed by now, Yumi decided it was time to tell her mother to stop moving the doll every night. However, her mother insisted that she hadn't moved it. Yumi began to get stressful. Too terrified to sleep that night, she snuck out of the house, and threw the doll into a waterfall close to her home.

Time passed; Yumi and her family moved to a new city and eventually, Yumi forgot all about the creepy doll. Until one night. It was a stormy night, and her parents weren't home yet, when suddenly, the phone rang. Yumi cautiously creeped towards the phone, held it closely to her right ear and spoke. "Hello, Hello, this is the Tanaka household, who's calling please?" The voice she heard was that of a young girl, but there was something slightly sinister about the caller's tone. The voice replied, "I am Mary. Right now, I'm in the trash" and then rudely hung up. Yumi thought this was very odd indeed, but just shrugged it off and thought no more of it. A few minutes later, she received another call. "I am Mary. Right now, I'm outside your house." Yumi, petrified by this, suddenly remembered her old doll. "Could it be her?" she thought, and went back into her bedroom. A few more minutes passed before another call came through. "I am Mary. Right now, I'm inside your house." Yumi almost fell running downstairs to get her mother's office number, but she managed to call her.

While waiting to be connected, she heard the creepy voice again. "Hello?" Yumi asked, staring at the telephone in shock. However, this voice sounded different. It sounded more demonic like; clearer as if something was in the room with her. "I am Mary. Right now..." Yumi realised the voice was not coming from the phone.

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Mary-San, represented by Touhou character Koishi Komeiji in her ULiL Last Word.

 "...I'm right behind you."