Patchouli Knowledge: This is the tale of "The Tale of The Vengeful Ghost ~ Spirit Who Leaves Fate to the Dream of Eternity."

  • Opens book.*

"One day at the Hakurei Shrine, many monsters and ghosts began to suddenly appear around the shrine. Concerned about this outbreak, Reimu Hakurei, shrine maiden of paradise, takes her Yin-Yang Orb and flies into the air. Since she didn't know she could fly at the time, she flew atop of Genjii the turtle to put a stop to the incident. What she didn't realize, however, was that an evil spirit had broken out of the seal Reimu placed on her during a few years ago, in the hokora behind the shrine. Reimu had began to venture out in order to find the source of these evil creatures..."

  • Sips tea.*

"When flying out, Reimu first runs into various creatures and machinery, such as the bakebake, the Shrime Tank and a few cannons. She then runs into a girl named Rika nearby, who then uses her tanks to attack the poor shrine maiden. However, Reimu triumphed over Rika. Both her and her Flower-Tank are defeated easily. Reimu carried on atop of Genjii."

  • Dips a biscuit in tea and eats it.*

"Later, in an unknown place, Reimu encountered Meira, a samurai who wanted to obtain the power of the Hakurei Yin-Yang orb for herself. Without realizing what she means until later, Reimu beats her and enters the World of Fantasies." This is where things begin to get interesting. 

There, she faces the Five Magic Stones and defeats them in combat, even though she was somehow scared of them. The reason is unknown still to this day."

  • Writes notes down about the Five Magic Stones for later research.*

"Reimu later arrived in Reimaden, a place inside the World of Fantasies. She finds the evil spirit that caused all of this. She learned that her name was Mima, and that she had returned from her seal. Her intent was having revenge on the entire human race. However, before the two could fight, Mima sent out her apprentice, Marisa Kirisame, to fight the shrine maiden."

  • Sips tea again.*

"Once Reimu defeated the magician, she then went on to face Mima herself. Despite Mima's threats and warnings to quit and come back later, Reimu and the ghost battled. During the fight, Mima revealed that she  challenged Reimu so she can take the yin yang orbs and their power for herself. Mima explains the Hakurei clan's true power: the ability to control the Yin-Yang Orbs, which feed off of the user's power, and, when fully loaded, can release enormous amounts of energy all at once. Reimu, however, wasn't going to let that stop her from winning. However, it was discovered later that Mima's objective was never to acquire the power for herself and only wanted revenge on the human race. After a long, tiring battle, Mima was finally defeated by the shrine maiden's strong power and was sealed back into the hokora..."

  • She closes the book.*

"Only to break out months later..."