Ok, lemme just start by saying that I have not left chat! Ohhh, I know, boo-hoo! So you can throw away your colourful balloons and your party poppers! Yes, I see you there holding that cake with a picture of me being chased and eaten by a dinosaur! I'm not that blind and dumb! >:/

I'm just NEVER going to talk in the main chat again. If things get better, then I might think about doing so... If you would like to speak to me (which I doubt many of you would want to) please PM me instead. I will be watching the main chat, but I won't be talking in it. 

I will not say why to just anybody, so even if you ask and ask I will not tell you until I feel like it. 

I will make ONLY A FEW exceptions to talk in the main chat every once in a while for A FEW people. People who actually give a crap me and other people, and about what kind of things go on in this damn place. Actual GOOD people! It seems that most of you users here don't fall into this.

I will update this blog with any extra news whenever I feel like it.

Thank you for reading! Hehe~