Well... The wikia said i have to have an intro... So... Hi.

I bet you saw me in some wikias...

The name is FusionFall123. Well... What's to say? I'm immature, I love to make fun of people, I love to prank, etc.

About Me

I have been a user since... 2009 or 2011. My fist wikia was Ben 10 Wiki. The wikia I signed up for was FusionFall Wiki. I have been doing codes since... Forever! I have never been banned on wikias (Well... That I don't know of). I am an admin in other wikias, and I am considered "A child-ish little immature jerk" by girls... Muwahahaha!

I have also met some Users here. You can catch me on Role Playing, and Fan Fics wikias alot. You can see me on Cartoon wikias some times, and you cannot see me in real life.

I am a good editor (Not real pictures, only cartoons) and I know how to make logos, too.

As you can see, my name originated from FusionFall. An MMORPG made by Cartoon Network. Although I am M.I.A from FusionFall, I still like it and it's STILL on my top 5 of MMO's.

If you wanna know my theme song... SEARCH IT! I'm tired (lol)

Where did I came from?

Well, I am currently living in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Not really). I was born on FusionFall Wiki. You can check where my name came from in my user page.

Need help?

If you want to ask or say hi to me, you can tell me this on my talk page.

Well... See ya when I see ya! ;)

--FusionFall123. Talk to me. Don't steal the name 09:52, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

P.S: I forgot to make an into :P