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User blog:GJ Fredbear/Adopting and deserve to be an admin on WikiShrek


Adopting and deserve to be an admin on WikiShrek

Hey, guys. The two users said I had to create this blog about this. I really like to adopt and deserve an adminship on WikiShrek. Reasons why:

  • There's been a little bit of vandalism while the rest of the admins are inactive and the users and I've done what we could to clean it up. I've been working on this wiki for three weeks.
  • There are lots of photos and pages that need to be deleted for being off-topic or inappropriate such as the phrase "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" which has been done by some users.
  • I'm very good at dealing vandals and trolls.
  • And I'm very good at correcting spelling/grammar errors.

Agree, everyone?

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