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  • Gamedezyner

    So lately I've been seeing a lot of talk about templates. I thought I'd write up a little bit of info to help people understand what they are and how they work!

    You might ask, "What is a template?"

    The definition of template (in computing) is
    a preset format for a document or file, used so that the format does not have to be recreated each time it is used.

    In Wikia terms, it's a page that contains content or formatting that will be used a lot, so we include that page on other pages instead of re-writing the content every time we need it.

    To use templates on Wikia, simply put the name of the template inside double curly brackets ( There are many other parser functions that do some pretty cool things. You can read more about parser functions on thi…

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  • Gamedezyner

    Hi everyone! This is my first blog post here on Community Central!

    So by now we've all seen some really cool signatures around Wikia. Ever wondered how those users made them? It's actually pretty easy to do!

    Here's a random signature I threw together as an example for this blog:

    Hello World! How are you today?    , , (UTC)

    Let's start by talking about what that signature is made up of. Most signatures use a combination of HTML tags, inline CSS styling, and some wikitext to achieve the look they are going for. The entire code for that signature looks like this:

    always uses the content of the User:Gamedezyner/Signature page located on the wiki I'm currently editing. When set up this way, you will need a User:YOURNAME/Signature page on each wiki you u…

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