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Maintenance Notice

Dear Players,

There will be some vital maintenance work performed on Magic Barrage at 3:00 AM EST this Friday (April 4, 2014). The maintenance work will take about 1 hour.


  • -Provided all-new characters
  • -Provided all new scenes and maps
  • -Opened new level 80 dungeon-The Origin of Sin
  • -Opened two dungeons with more difficulty
  • -Updated Demon Tower. Now you can manually reset the floor.
  • -Added more off-hand skins. You can randomly switch the off-hand skin.
  • -Added Diamond Gift. You can freely collect diamonds and items, each account can only collect once this gift once.
  • -Devil Jar is now open for 24 hours a day.
  • -Adjusted the bullets of S and SS weapons.
  • -Fixed a few additional bugs.

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