Well I run 2 POTCO Role Play wikis. Alot of people have been saying stuff like Spain is ruled by Pears and stuff like that when I even say it is a seperate Role Play. Also I am only in charge of one and they say my Role Play is not real.(I don't think they know the definition of real) They also say if it's not the official Role Play (Players Wiki they say) it is nothing. Anyways they say that one of our admins copied off a page of their's on the Players Wiki. It is very different from their's and he even put credits. They say they will report to Wikia tomorrow night and get the wiki closed. They say they have report documents ready to report us to the police. This is not copying. It was inspired. Who agrees with me? How is this copying? It is called being inspired. People get inspired from things all the time. Are they copies? No they aren't so being inspired for that thing on the page is not copying.Picture of one of them complaining.


Also I forgot about telling how they hacked my wiki.