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Gamer124 February 16, 2013 User blog:Gamer124
Hello, I'm a regular user on Wikia, and I've been vandalised a couple of times so I really want to help people getting

vandalised. I'm very active on Wikia and the Internet and I always have the Gmail tab up so I know when I get an email from Wikia. On weekends I can definetly help, as I could respond within a minute of asking me to help. When you ask me for help, I would like if you made me rollback on that wiki teampoary ( if you're admin ) so it will be easier if some vandalisers do multiple edits on a page. You can contact me on my main wiki, The United Islands of the Caribbean Wiki , or the Elder Scrolls wiki. Also, I have school from 7:45 AM Central Standard Time to 2:45 AM Central Standard Time. And no, I'm not trying to take the VSTF business.

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