Hello, I own the United Islands of the Caribbean Wiki and the Pirates Online Role Play Wiki with a friend. Alot of people hate us because we have a different Role-Play than the POTCO Players Wiki. Anyways, a group of people from that wiki that we've had a long history with used tricks to gain adminship. This is how it went. I'll put it in Italics.

I was on my Kindle Fire, on the wiki chat. Two people from the group were also on chat. About 5 people were on chat, and the people from the group went out of chat at the same time. They came back on, and claimed one of the people in chat were hacking it. They claimed that if I made them burs, they could code the chat to not be able to get hacked or something, and that I could remove the permissions. Not knowing much about coding, and I was tired, I gave them the permissions. My mom then called for me. When I came upstairs, I see 70 emails saying they were deleting pages. I contacted Wikia, and they fixed it, but they did not remove the rights.

I tried to ban one of them, but they unbanned themselves. I contacted Wikia to remove the rights. The Customer Service guy responded, saying that they needed a vote. So I made a vote for only me and DvayJonesRules could have any admin rights at the moment. My wiki, with only 2 active users (the actual admins, me and DvayJonesRules) who don't vandalise, troll, or anything, and more than the active users voted. I sent it in, and they said "4 over the other team is a very small number." Nobody had even voted for the other side, and I replied "This is no Elder Scrolls Wiki." After about 2 weeks, I even sent in a second email, and they have ignored me. I'm having the other admin (DvayJonesRules) contact them soon. This whole situation is making dislike Wikia, who I've liked so much, and I've done everything I needed to to get the permissions taken, and they should of never had the rights. This reminds me about how recently, I quit liking Disney because I got banned from one of their MMOS when I did not break any rules, it was first offense, and I had no warning.

Examples of Their Vandalism ( Not Including Erasing Pages )

  2. Note: Both of the people in the page were boys, and the Albert Spark dude is not even related to our wiki at all.