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Gamer124 March 21, 2013 User blog:Gamer124

These people have been harassing me for making my own Role-Play, but I finally got them to stop. I basically just want your opinion on this:

Pretend you're in charge of a Role-Play Wiki. Some people dislike it, so they make their own. What would you do? 

What HappenedEdit

Please post your opinion on these different things they did:

  • Harass me and make fun of me for contributing for a Handy Manny Wiki
  • Send 11+ vandalisers
  • Taking over my wiki
  • Calling their Role-Play "Official" and refuse to ask the Disney people if there is a "Official" Role-Play

What Would You Do?Edit

If You were a User of the "Official" Role-PlayEdit

Please say what your reaction would have been if you were a member of the Role-Play that was disliked.

If You were a User of the Role-Play Being HarassedEdit

Please say what your reaction would of been if people were harassing you.

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