Hello, I am Garuda 4. I was astonished when I stumbled upon this blog and I wanted to say sorry for this mishap. Halo Nation deeply wants to spam the Twilight Wiki, I said on the chat: "NO, WE SHOULD SAY SORRY TO THE WIKI'S WE TROLLED." Everybody ignored me. I was so mad. We are planning to say sorry tommorow since we were banned from the My Little Pony wiki for 3 days. I want to say our wiki is sorry and although I can not guarantee that Halo Nation is not going to do this anymore, I say that I will not do this anymore. Also, Halo Nation is- and I KNOW- will strike again. I will NOT be a part of this. I will make sure I say to not strike. Every chat, be alerted, and I will be on the halo nation chat to be there if anyone has to say anything. I am NOT a chat moderator, but a regular user. I am the founder of this wiki and you are welcome to go it's chat to say anything. I don't care if you spam my chat when I'm not there. I will ban anyone who tries to spam in "revenge" of the mishap that happened on November 20, 2011.