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Not only do Wikia's collaborative writing projects inspire entertaining stories rife with suspense and dramatic tension, they illustrate the collaborative spirit of Wikia's impassioned user base and the platform's unique ability to engage fans in creative ways.

Now, Wikia is trying something new to further bridge the divide between fans and creators. The Masters of Animanga project has anime and manga's most renowned figureheads providing original art, characters, and story outlines to set the stage for a trio of new collaborative writing projects. With the Masters of Animanga CWP, users aren't only collaborating with one another -- they're collaborating with the masters themselves. It's a one of a kind opportunity for fans of anime and manga to play a principal role in the creative process, transcending fan fiction to help build something striking, entertaining and -- above all -- completely original.

The Fading Light: A Tale of Zan, the third and final story in Wikia's Masters of Animanga series comes courtesy of legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano (Vampire Hunter D, Final Fantasy), and it is in the form of an iconic samurai character who first appeared in Amano's graphic novel Deva Zan! The story is executive produced by Kazuo Koike (Lone Wolf and Cub, Lady Snowblood).

The Fading Light: A Tale of Zan has been live since Monday, September 23rd, and there has already been a flurry of activity. For a recap of Part 1, click here! Keep reading for a summary of what's happened since then.

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When we left off, Zan, Virginia, and Ryuunosuke were fighting a monstrous Lord Chataway and a tear in reality was having terrible effects on Zan! Thanks to Herald of meridian, Yako and Yushin joined the fight and the fox weakened Chataway enough for the others to defeat him. However, ScorpionTail brought Mar'riana back to life and the fish monster absorbed Chataway to keep the fight going!

When things started looking bad, Zan received strength from Amaterasu, and cut Mar'riana/Chataway to pieces with Virginia and Ryuunosuke! Pikapwn had Virginia thinking of ways to make a black hole to trap the monster, but eventually used the statue instead and Forest Dragon Slayer had Ryuunosuke and Zan use their light to trap him in the statue!

Even though the monster was defeated, there were still rips in time and space, so Zeromaro had our heroes work together to close them.


Although it seemed like things were going to be fine, Yumoa was suddenly visited one day by an old man that gave him an odd artifact which prompted him to find Zan immediately. Back with Zan and Virginia, it turns out that two factors are keeping the rips from closing: Ryuunosuke and Lord Chataway. Zeromaro explains Ryuunosuke is bound by his promise to young Virginia and should not have traveled before becoming Zan, and Lord Chataway had inherited his future self's memories while having a wife who is trying to exploit Virginia!

Upset when Virginia tells him to live his life, Ryuunosuke angrily leaves, but Yumoa quickly appears after his departure with the mysterious dark artifact!


It also turns out that they have one last enemy left: Fuzen! According to Pikapwn, it also turns out that paradoxes cannot be caused by simply meeting with or killing a past self. The "paradoxes" are actually a side effect of the Order of Mar'riana, the people still looking to kill Zan. A man named the overseer explained that reality had been shattered but the different timelines were synchronizing the entire time and following the main events relatively well.

After Anonymius had the overseer help them heal the rips in mysterious ways, he left them to deal with Fuzen and the Order themselves. By this time, Ryuunosuke had returned, and Forest Dragon Slayer had him help the other two in fighting Fuzen's beasts! Somehow Yumoa and Yako had gotten into Fuzen's fortress, but the two were unable to defeat the man. Ezvil had an old man with a large hat save the two before Fuzen could kill them and it seemed like this could be another version of Zan.

Meanwhile, Zan and his team were faced with Lady Chataway, but Virginia and Ryuunosuke held her off while Zan went to battle Fuzen. After Fuzen unfortunately killed the old man, he met with Zan in a final face off where Zan defeated him after channeling the energy of space and time itself! After winning, it seemed all was going well but then Zan started disappearing so Zeromaro wrote that Ryuunosuke and Zan combined into one being that transcended time in order to stay alive and with Virginia.

After many battles and confusing paradoxes, it seems like our heroes are about to have the happy ending that they deserve...but anything could happen! Tune in tomorrow for the ending to The Fading Light: A Tale of Zan and see what happens to everyone!