Dear fellow citizens of the internet, My name is Gen and im 13 years old, i have lot to share with you guys about thats happening in my life and game news. Today was alright i guess, doing my homework then playing with my older brother who is very popular on Snapchat playing Call of duty, everything is always new in london. New air pollution problems, people dying, me nearly getting lung cancer, yep things have changed over time.

There has been a university stufy saying children born around 2010 will die in 4 more years if our air pollution carries on like this. This is really upstetting because my aunts only danughter sees me as a big sister and shes my little sis and i dont want anything to happen to her. she was born in 2006 when the minimum number is 2007 hso i am worried about her even if we live in a different section of the country i will forever love my little sister.

My brother is going through his GCSE right now so my parents are helping him and forcing him to study so its kind of a hard time for me because he is the center of attention leaving the youngest in the house lonely. My teachers are saying that i have a bright feauture and could even be the next priminister of the Uk but i dont want to let them down with the pressure.

Everyday i study, play games and read books, Thats what i do honestly apart from going to school even though i have a crush on someone at school i think, i dont actually know. I have a youtube channel called GenGames where you can see my videos and Gamers Vlog which in other words say that if im not doing the gamers volg there im going to be doing the Gamers blog here.

Until next time Game on!