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Why did I get the email, if the item is doomed?

I received an email on a topic I was allegedly following, offensively headed "Shit-pult". Naturally, after seeing that the content had for many previous versions been about the Melon-pult, I assumed somebody had vandalized a page. I posted on a talk page, saying I didn't know how to revert, would somebody please help, but when I went back the post had disappeared w/o response--possibly because I used the offensive title.

I finally figured out how to revert, did so, then got a notice w/ the comment "You're the vandal." When I went to change the heading, I discovered there was already a Melon-pult page.

The offending page is marked for accelerated deletion, but is still there.

I suppose this will all be straightened out, but what I want to know is: WHY did I get the notice if this is just an administrative thing? WHAT is going on?


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