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    NOTE: Crossposted from my personal blog on advice from Wikia Staff, modified slightly for posting on Wikia.

    Around a year ago, All The Tropes opened for business with the bold and daring plan to create an alternative troping site for the disenchanted ex-TV Tropers to trope on and for those who didn't want to get anywhere near Fast Eddie or his minions because they didn't want to edit on a wiki where you can get banned for the dumbest reasons and where perversion and some of the more sad aspects of fandom pollute the internet with messed up drivel.

    Our goals were lofty, but we decided that to stay open for more than a little while, we had to radically alter our approach if we wanted to avoid the perversion and fail that has rightly made TV Tr…

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  • GethN7

    Gadgets is a wiki extension that has to be enabled by request on wikis here on Wikia, but in my opinion, it should be a default option for all wikis, because the sheer amount of things it can do can be invaluable for all wiki founders and administrators.

    Gadgets are custom pieces of user selected Javascript and CSS that can be enabled and disabled at will by users to enhance their viewing experience (so long as they have an account).

    One of the most useful Gadgets ever created (and can be found on Wikipedia) is the References Tooltips gadget, which allows the user to see a hovering tooltip that displays a reference/citation in a pop up window when a user rolls their mouse over the reference, instead of forcing the user to scroll to go to the…

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