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Help ME!!!

I need help, how do I create a wiki page of a fan character I created for the film "9"? I've seen people from a lot of other fandoms create wiki's about their characters and I want to do one for mine. I will agree to all the terms regarding copy right and say clearly in beginning descriptions and even the title, "this is out of canon and 9 does not belong to me". I've attempted to make a wiki of my character, but accidentally made an ENTIRE wiki rather then a page like I want. When I did find out how to make a page it wouldn't let me enter anything.

If any one on here knows how these things work please comment back to me. Oh and just so you know, I have actually been a part of wikia for more then a year , some weird glitch is just saying that I'm not. If I sound clueless it's just that I barley use my wiki's any more.

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