Amy and denise

concept art I

this was concept art for a cartoon show I may be working on someday, it's about twin sisters one is half human and half demon and her name is Denise (left) and the other is half human and half angel and her name is Amy (right) and they were born and raised like raised like humans and by humans, but in there freshman year in high school they learn that instead of normal puberty their demon and angel wings start to grow, they discover they are not normal humans.The man that made them exist in the human world a demi god named Loki tries to bring them to the god, angel, and demon realm to brainwash the demon sister to take over there universe and kill the angel sister from protecting it, so Loki sends in an army of demons, ghouls, monsters, and dark angels to take them down. The sisters get  a package sended by their angel mother and demon father before being taken by Loki, it has 2 weapons 1 sword and 1 bat, each weapon evolves into a stronger weapon (their weapons are pretty much pokemon, the more they use them in battle the stronger they get. so the twins pretty much become exorcists. the name of the show is called "Teenage exorcist twins" this is the equation of the show: scott pilgrim+ star vs. the forces of evil+ sister,sister= This. If the show dosen't go as well as I expected it to be i'll have a backup project. The show will be a love letter to video games, anime/manga, graphic novels/comic books, and cartoons.