In this blog i'll not only post fandom post about cartoons, anime, video games, etc. but i'll post art things like fictional characters from cartoons, anime, video games, etc.

examples: eleven (stranger things), batman, soldier 76 (overwatch), dipper pines (gravity falls), star butterfly (svtfoe), steven  or any of the crystal gems (steven universe), saitama (one punch man), midoriya/deku (my hero academia), ness (earthbound), mega man, deadpool, rick sanchez (rick and morty), slimer (ghostbusters), catbug (bravest warriors), edward elric (fullmetal alchemist), and more.

i'll also sometimes post more original/simple art and even concept art for a cartoon project I may work on in the future.

if want to suggest ideas here are ways how: 

  • message me on my message board
  • give me a request if you happen to find me during a live community chat
  • on twitter @ghostboytweets
  • on instagram username:ghostboyart