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User blog:Godzilla Gamer/30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 2


30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 2

This is my entry for Kawaii's writing comp, feel free to snigger at how crap it is.

Some story I wrote in like 5 minutes :P

I always knew I was different. From the day that I was born, I knew I wasn't like the others. I hoped, one day, it would dissappear. But no, it just got worse. That was until, one day, I snapped. They just pushed me too far. It began as just a normal day, but there was a certain degree of unrest, something just didn't feel right. It was the usual day of getting pushed around, getting screamed at, all because I'm different from the others. All it took was one push, one insult too many, to make me break. I just... couldn't control it. He just... died.

What have I done?

Told you it was going to be bad :P

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