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Gogo-learn September 29, 2016 User blog:Gogo-learn
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Tony is the nice guy with everywhere in places with Gogo and Jenny to learnt

Gender: Male

He is 10 years old

Behaviour: Good

Seen= Gogo Chapter 1-39 with introduction

Tony seen in Monster Dectective Soccer 

Intro Groove to the music cd

Track-1,2,4,5,7,8,9, in Cd

Age= 1-13 years old


1.Hold on Tight 

2.Gotta get a Job done 

4.Rad Moves 

5.Were going to mars 


8.The Rules 

9.Tree to Tree

10.Whats so scary bout that 

11.The ballad of the brave pink knight 

12.I love being a princess


15.we ll get you what you want

17.super heroes vs super villains 

18.oh my sherman

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