Swimmy Sea

Hey guys, the Swimmy Sea Wikia has now been founded, we offer everything from the characters, to the scenery, to the enemies concerning the game, Swimmy Sea , from the youtuber, CraniumCode. We hope you get the best experience on our Wikia and encourage you to contact us for assistance or if you ever need help navigating through our wikia.

This game has been inspired by Crossy Road and Flappy Bird, in it, you can play among 50 characters and swim through the deepest seas fighting against the deadliest marine enemies. We encourage all of our visitors to contribute to the wikia, give us advice and contact us for assistance. 

Swimmy Sea is an upcoming game for iOS and Android devices created by the famous youtuber, CraniumCode with the following game software, Unity. For those who haven't heard about the game yet, Swimmy Sea is based off the famous games, Crossy Road by Hipster Whale and Flappy Bird by dotGears. The synopsis of the game is clear and will get you a vision of the game that is entirely created and designed by CraniumCode:

In this FREE game, you'll play as one of over 50 different characters. Your job is to swim your character through the ocean and make it as far as possible. This is not as easy as it sounds, along the way you'll be attacked by a number of deep-sea enemies. The game has two different modes packed into one round of gameplay. If you swipe down you'll play on the sea-floor. If you swipe up, you'll play on the ocean's surface. Each mode has it's own enemies, so you'll have to master both if you want to get a high score!

We are searching for contributors that would like to join us at the Swimmy Sea Wikia. For now, there isn't much content but we are planning 50 pages for each character and a page for each feature of the game. We will be waiting for you at the Swimmy Sea Wikia, make your entry now in the deepest of the seas.