Elfen Lied is the story of a girl mostly called Lucy, deeply alienated, massively powerful, and in love with one of the few people to ever show her kindness and decency. The problem is, her all-consuming and not wholly-unjustified rage led to unforgivable actions on her part, and the one who was harmed worst of all is the one she loves best of all. The two meet again, both as amnesiacs, this as sinister forces that want to control and use Lucy lurk around every corner. Lucy and girls like her are of a new species, but their hearts are made like ours, and their reactions to the hate they face are what we might give back. No one in the cast, Human or otherwise, is without their flaws and scars, and yet at times the series is as much Three's Company as it is Fringe. I'm a huge fan.

I didn't create the Elfen Lied Wiki , and I didn't set up structural things like the chapter and episode listings or the infoboxes, but the articles are 90% mine, and the photos something like 40-50%. If I fail to toot my horn, it's not false modesty, it's just an acknowledgement of other people's hard work.
But I've now run out of ideas to expand it. I started by correcting the grammar, spelling, syntax and accuracy of all articles on main and regular recurring characters. I started adding in third-tier characters, even down to the Bakery Lady. I kvetched a bit about calling the orphan girl Traitor Girl, but figged it was how most saw her anyway, but I made sure the article indicated there was a tiny bit of doubt that her betrayal was deliberate, just to avoid constant re-edits. When I joined the Elfen Lied fan website and saw that Hiromi Kurama had an entry there, I gave her one in the Wiki just to be sure. Then, just so we wouldn't get a bunch of stub-articles, I relegated characters like Wanta's supposed owner, Bando's SAT partner and Kurama's first assistant and all the various soldiers, police, unnamed victims and such to a single Minor Characters article. Chapter and episode summaries took forever. There are 109 chapters, and I wrote like 108 of them. There are only 14 anime episodes, but most encompass as many as ten disparate chapters, and each one took at least three hours. For good measure, I cross-linked the pertinent manga chapters to each episode and back again. None of this may be startling or at all heroic to the more experienced who read this. But I kept following the basic wiki advice, and even cleaned up the 'to-do' page early on.

An article about the main characters' parents and then one detailing the differences in the two versions seemed like a good coda. I even rechecked some of the very early chapter summaries, and found some of them were little better than stubs. I used the 'long pages' special page to check how long each chapter article was, and found that, with certain exceptions, 100 bytes per manga page was a good rule. The exceptions were chapters that relied heavily on action and 'splash pages' went slightly shorter, while any chapter involving the series' Big Bad, Chief Kakuzawa, needed more space because besides being ruthless and evil, he is a windbag without equal.

Still, everyone insists that a Wiki that isn't growing is actually falling behind, and now I have no idea where to go. I don't have time to mod a forum, and I'm not sure how well a fanfic page for listings only would attract new users.
I think its a good site, and I think at least a lot of that is from my efforts. But I can't be arrogant enough to think that its 'completed'.

Gojirob 18:17, February 25, 2011 (UTC)