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  • GokūBlack10

    Alright, I've been arguing both sides of this for awhile and finally, User:Devilmanozzy mentioned that I should make a blog post on it, so here it is. Most of us users are reeling over the loss of our beloved Monaco skin, that is to be permanently replaced on November 3rd, 2010 with a New Skin called Oasis. Originally, I was outraged by this as many of you are, but in the past three to four days, due to being a beta tester, I have been personally testing out the New Look. At first, this was to point out any kinks in it to convince my community to move to a new host, namely ShoutWiki. After half an hour on the new look, it was already beginning to grow on me. That being said, I'm here to settle some issues I have with both sides of the issue; th…

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