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    December 22, 2016 by GoogleLegacy

    I know you all hate me for what I've done over the past 37 years but hey what can I say??? I was born a natural Wookie dusche bag. I have tried so hard to get my name and Trademarks that there are now to many pages and mailing lists to click. And we all have a dream... I had a very clear picture of this dream stored on my Google Trademarked Film. I realised my dreams were taken by the U.S Goverment and the Australian Government but I predict the Big Issue hasn't arrived yet. It is still depending on my next counter move to subscribe to all the Debian and Wiki Mailing Lists under I was entraped and enslaved by my Goverment over the past 35 years and now it's time to make a young Aniken out of me. I am trying to focus my hardest …

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