I made a 25" (64cm) hoop made from PVC plumbing parts. Pictures show progressively how I made the hoop and wrapped it with a wide knit yarn. The hoop has a shoulder-height pole of PVC with a 45-degree bend just before the union, which attaches the pole to the hoop. I will make a shorter handle as well, but since I am getting old and my knees hurt, I think I will probably prefer not to bend over anyway.

The finished hoop fits into a water heater drain pan from Lowes, in the USA, that is 26" (66cm) in diameter. The pan includes a 1.5" (3.8cm) large pre-punched hole. The pan is sold with a male threaded adapter, rubber washer, and large nut to attach the adapter to the pan. I found that Lowes' blue 1.5" (3.8cm) swimming pool flat drain hose fits right over the adapter, so I slipped the hose halfway over the adapter and secured it with duct tape. I can roll up the hose and clip it with a large secretarial clip. I made the flat hose long enough that I could put it into the 5-gallon jug BEFORE I lift the pan to drain it. 

IMG 20170328 215112, Grandpop Bubbles, new 25in (64cm) hoop for KIB

Final product

IMG 20170328 183100 (2)

I warmed the 1/2" PVC (0.080" OD) with a "Wagner Power Stripper" so I could bend it into aproximately a 25" (65cm) circle. I glued a 4" dowel halfway into one end of the circle of pipe, then glued the dowel into and through the T-fitting and gleud the other end of the cirle onto the dowel and into the fitting as well. I glued a stub section of pipe into the remaining opening fo the T-fitting and glued the female end of a union onto the stub.

IMG 20170327 195154 edit

Picture of the Wagner Power Stripper.

IMG 20170328 183053 (2)

On a shoulder height piece of 3/4" PVC I glued on a 45-degree angle, a stub of 3/4" pipe, an adapter down to 1/" pipe stub and then the other half of the union.

IMG 20170328 183047 (2)

Here are the mating parts of the hoop and the pole.

IMG 20170328 183413 edit (2)

I bought this 26" (66cm) water heater drain at Lowes, USA, for US$21. It is about 2" high, and comes with a 1.5" hole punched in it. It also includes a Male-thread-to-Female-Glue white plastic adapter, with rubber washer and black nut. Nut is attached and I will explain blue hose in a following photo.

IMG 20170328 183532

Pan is 25" (66cm) diameter. Lowes also sells 1.5" blue, flat plastic hose for draining swimming pools, or whatever. With a little stretch if fits tightly over the glue end of the white adapter. I slipped halfway on and used duct tape to secure. I rolled the tube and closed with a large secretarial clamp. See next slide for reason I used a 30" (75cm) piece of hose.

IMG 20170328 183703

Before draining the pan, I can unclamp and unroll the blue flat hose and insert it into the 5-gallon jug. So pan is still on ground. When ready, simply lift pan carefully to drain into the 5-jug without dealing with a valve. I am thinking of adding flat hanlds onto the pan that fall flat to the ground when in use.

IMG 20170328 210032, Grandpop Bubbles, new 25in (64cm) hoop

I wrapped the hoop in a wide, porous, net-like yarn. Get comfortable before you start.

IMG 20170328 185208

Close-up of wrapping.

IMG 20170329 065553, 26 inch water heater drain for KIB (Kid in Bubble)

Finished, assembled hoop with long handle, resting in pan.