Hey, I'm new here...sort of I've been on this website a few times but I just never signed up.So its 12 a.m here and I'm not supposed to be up but I just couldn't help it. I've read all the Percy Jackson books except the greek gods one, so I usually spend my time reading Percy Jackson fanfictions. Recently I've been reading the ones where Percy is a youtuber, I don't know why but it's just so nice to read. I love that the fans write other stories after the book (or in this case books) are finished. It gives me so much more new stories to read, plus the stories are really awesome too. I just wanted to add one more thing Percabeth you can see I am obviously a Percabeth fan though I don't hate any of the other ships I just think that Percabeth is the best and I alson don't hate any of the characters other than Octavian,Ares and all of the bad guys.That's the end of this blog thanks for reading I just wanted to say this stuff.Thanks!​​