• Groovyart
    1. First draw a circle for the head.
    2. Then draw two triangles for the ears
    3. Draw two ovals for the eyes draw a oval in the eyes
    4. then draw three points on the back of his head for his hair.
    5. Then draw two semi circles above the eyes
    6. Then under the eyes draw a been shape.
    7. Draw a mouth in the been shape.
    8. Then at the top of the been shape draw a oval for the nose.

    That is how you draw Sonic the Hedge Hog!!

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  • Groovyart
    1. First draw a circle for the head
    2. Then draw a v shape for his eyebrows
    3. Now draw to circles under the eyebrows draw two small circles in the eyes.
    4. Draw a triangle shape for the top of the beak and draw a upside down triangle for the bottom part.
    5. Draw half a circle for the stomach.
    6. Draw two seed shapes for the feathers on his head.

    That is how you draw the red angry bird!

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