1.Ninja World Tournament?

Naruto Uzumaki is a young teen ninja.Fighting to protect those he loves. While Sasuke Uchiha a ninga who ascends everyone in ninja ranks but doesn't really like anyone,but women sure like him. And then theres Sakura Haruno another young teen ninja who spends most of her time training and is in love with sasuke.But however this starts to go far as Sasuke randomly tells Sakura to visit him at his home.Naruto is off walking towards sasukes house to tell him that there is going to be a Ninja World Tounament for all ninja ranks Genin to Jonin. And it is said that who ever shows the most great packs of stunning moves will advance to another ninja rank after 10 matches. As soon as Naruto walks in Sasukes home he sees sakura and sasuke kissing outside the home. Enraged by seeing his crush kiss his rival naruto while controlling the one tailed fox says"Sasuke just you wait at the tournament your gonna pay!PAY!!!".And so on Naruto trained to the insanity for the next 10 days.