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    About wiki conditions in Japan

    September 22, 2013 by Gurgate

    About Japanese Wikia community, I think that Japanese Wikia communities are quiet market, small groups, low populated and developing communities by comparison with several English Wikia communities now. I think that there are some reasons. @Wiki, and PukiWiki software are in widespread use in Japanese wiki editor (@Wiki and are based on Pukiwiki software). But these PukiWiki does not implement Category, Template and Namespace functions. Therefore, MediaWiki has a lead over PukiWiki on a technological edge.

    Some of Japanese people go for anonymous societies. The "Contributions" (edit history) of PukiWiki, @wiki and are anonymous by default. The edit history of PukiWiki and @wiki can be hidden. On another f…

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  • Gurgate

    Wikia uses MediaWiki be excellent at Category and Template functions as Wiki software.

    The reasons why I found Japanese TESWiki are:

    • It seems that it is difficult to create Japanese version (interwiki links) of UESP Wiki caused by this discussion.
    • The existing Japanese Skyrim Wiki, Oblivion Wiki, Morrowind Wiki and so fourth are individually founded. But Japanese version of one wiki integrated these wikis do not exist.
    • The existing Elderscrolls-related wikis do not use MediaWiki. Thus these wikis can not use "Template:", "Category:" and so forth.
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