I had to bring this up because i wanted to watch the Goku Black Saga again and then something hit me. If present Zamasu ( before he was Goku Black) was about as strong as a Super Saiyan 2, and all he did was ask to have a body switch with Goku,(By the God Shenron) then he and Goku should be equal. But let's say that it was Zamasu's power plus Goku's. I think that should probably only take a Super Saiyan 3. (Zamasu's equality to Super Saiyan 2 + Goku's base form) Not a whole Super Saiyan God or more than that. Now I know that he's had time to train by tormenting Future Trunks' timeline and Trunks wasn't strong enough to cause a lot of damage to Goku Black. One thing that was an advantage and a disadvantage to Goku Black is that he wasn't born a Saiyan we know this, but when he did a body switch with a Saiyan, he was able to get that Saiyan boost in energy when they fight, after the fight.(Zenkai) This is also a disadvantage to Goku Black because although his climb in energy was very dramatic, it just wasn't as strong as it would've been if he were born a Saiyan. Because he was just introduced to a Saiyan body, he couldn't get that natural Zenkai boost. I don't know maybe when the first Saiyans were born, maybe their Zenkai boost wasn't as strong as they are now. I think that Goku Black ahould only be as strong a Super Saiyan 3 more or less. I don't think that Goku Black should've been a super big problem for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. I don't know, I want other's thoughts on this.