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Larry stylinson

His green eyes and his blue

One fateful day met in the loo


Fate played its little game

And gifted them with name and fame


Nothing was ever the same again

Together they went through so much pain


Forced to hide how they felt

How can he when He made his insides melt


They are each other’s biggest fans

Can’t proudly show the world his man


Hand in hand they ran

In colorful rainbow land


Where love was equal to all

And in love it was easy to fall


But alas it was just a dream

Realization makes them want to scream


Years of life spent together

Their love they had to smother


Love and Relationships they had to fake

Is it possible for a broken heart again to break?


One lost the light in his eyes

Smiles he gave the world were all lies


From the world the other withdrew

From a boy to a man he grew


“Always in my heart” he said

Those words, Roses on a thorny bed


Wished they were brave

To fight for the freedom they crave


“Don’t care about the world, love

Our love is prettier than all of stars above”


Like diamond their love endured the pressure

But with all the pain did come the pleasure


A story in every song they penned

Hope it is all worth it at the end


When they do come out they will be stronger than ever

Take a stand and tell the world they are each other’s lover


Let the haters hate and don’t bother

Because we will be there to give the support of a brother

Hafsa Hameed