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  • Hallowseve15

    Hey wikia editors and staff, I am Hallowseve15, also known as Mage505.

    I'm looking for editors to join my brand new wiki and make it better. I just started it yesterday (September 8, 2012) and it is the "sequel" site to Fictional Races Wiki.

    • I am on every weekend and try to get on sometimes during the week.


    The wiki focuses on fantasy races, people, locations and classes that are seen in today's MMO-RPG games. The wiki has a nice, natural colored vibe in my opinion and can be very informative if people just want to stick to one wiki all on fictional races. The background is from World of Warcraft in a region called Elwynn Forest.

    • World of Warcraft
    • Guild Wars
    • Forgotten Realms/Dungeons & …

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