Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Review *SPOILERS*                                                                        

This is my official Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Review and this will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS of the movie,so read at own risk.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was heart stopping and just really AWESOME. The movie was a huge 2 hours 32 minutes long so it gets tiring. The action is there and you get more Lois Lane than in Man of Steel. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg and Gal Gadot all did an amazing job. I think if Zack Snyder did not reveal Doomsday in the trailer it would have been very suprising but there were other shocking parts. Rotten Tomatoes is giving it only 29 percent but I think it is worth watching. 

This Paragraph contains *MASSIVE SPOILERS* about the movie. READ AT OWN RISK.

I think the flashback of Bruce Waynes parents was good also seeing the Man of Steel fight in his view was good. I loved the new Batman Suit. That was epic. In the beginning with Lois Lane in Africa and Superman coming to rescue her was pretty cool yet causing major problems with the villages. Im gonna go forward and go to the middle-ish. When Lex kidnapped Supermans Mom using that a way to drive him to fight with Batman was pretty suprising because I thought Batman and Superman were going to argue and then fight. Im sad we only got like an 8 minute fight scene and I did not expect Batman to use kryptonite so that was shock. Lois was luckly there to stop Batman from killing Superman. Go Lois Lane ! Doomsday looked like Doomsday. Lois not very smartly throws the kryptonite stick in the river of water which was the key to stop Doomsday then Superman jumps in to get it and I was half crying half jumpy in the cinema. People starred. Now Superman gets the kryptonite stick  and tells Lois "I Love You". Lois was trying to stop Superman and it was not like a Disney movie were they like let go of the person and sit and cry-Lois was holding him down. Then is happens- Part of Doomsdays hand goes into Supermans chest causing Death. I cried like a baby! And the part were Clarks Mom gives Lois the engagement ring is were I broke down in tears. Then Lois throws the dirt onto Clarks coffin and at the last second the DIRT ON THE COFFIN RISES. He might not be dead! Also the movie includes a clip of The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Justice Legue realeses November 2017.

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Review By Hannah

The popcorn:8/10 
BvS 5

Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Batman v Superman 9

The Fight Squad

BvS 7

Head To Head