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aka Hannah/Kahiela

  • I live in Peru Indiana
  • I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is corn detasseling
  • I am female
  • Hannahowen

    I have intereracted with alot of different people since ive been on this site from all over the world. But this one person i have been talking to for awhile now has really been a great companion. His name is jake. And it really surprised me when he told me that hes never dated anyone. Hes a really sweet guy who is very computer smart but without girls realizing it they fall in love with guys they never say they would ever lay hands on. I say some girls need to take a chance and give those guys a chance. Jake is a smart sweet reliable trustworthy young boy who hasnt experienced love yet. But he is too young to be overcome by the sparks of love yet he is only 13. But when its time for him to fall in love he will. He says no girls at his scho…

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  • Hannahowen


    May 7, 2012 by Hannahowen

    Good things about guys

    • they're sweet
    • some dont break your heart
    • the best huggers
    • you always feel safe in their arms
    • their over protective
    • they love too much sometimes
    • they dont always cheat
    • best kissers(sometimes)
    • make you fall in love
    • you get hypnotized by their eyes
    • they're almost always their when you need a hug
    • when your best girlfriend bails your guyfriend/boyfriend is always their to give you a pick me up.
    • no matter how hard your crying they will still want to hear your voice
    • they fall in love with you as a person not your looks
    • they make you feel like your floating on air
    • make your head spin right round

    Comment your answers please what you think about guys.

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  • Hannahowen

    im not a fake.

    May 7, 2012 by Hannahowen

    Im not fake everything about me is real. I don't lie to you about the real me. I show you i truly am and who im proud of being. You cant go through life being fake because karma tends to bite. Just show people the real you and life will be a whole lot better. People love you for you they hate you because you act like something your not. So quit being something your not and step up to the plate and realize your not perfect just like everyone else.

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  • Hannahowen

    dont judge me

    May 7, 2012 by Hannahowen

    When guys judge girls look them in the eye and tell them i'm beautiful no matter what you say!!! Its hard to put up with guys judging you and breaking your hearts but someties you have to lift your head alil bit higher. Just keep your head held up high rise above the haters for they only hate cuz their jealous of you. Dont judge me im me for me thats why im loved so much.(: I rather be loved for something i am than hated for something im not. I dont judge others unless they judge me first and i have a reason to judge them. They say dont judge a book by its cover bc its not whats on the outside its whats on the inside same goes for a person.(: so guys please think twice before you judge a girl atleast get t…

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  • Hannahowen

    I have a crush on this guy at my school and he realizes i exist. he really makes me feel like im in love. he makes me realize what love really is and to love you have to love yourself first. I have learned alot about him since we first started talking...(: Kahiela here ive met her crush shes right hes adorkable but doesnt want a gf rightr now sadly but hes short cutee and lovable love ya little bro (Josh) Hannah back but just because he doesnt want a gf doesnt mean i should run away from feelings im still going to try each and everyday to make him mine. Never give up on your feelings girls because i havent and its brought me far and now i think im in love with my best guyfriend josh.(; Love may hurt sometimes but never quit trying because …

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