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    I've been look for Admins for my wiki: Comic-con International Wiki. The wiki is about Comic-con, and it just got promoted recently and is looking for some Admins to give it some TLC. It the fist wiki of mine to get promoted, and I've been working very hard, there's a bunch of stuff in it I don't understand, and I've found ways to fix it up, and do wired stuff with it without using a guide or any help. If your Admin you can edit, add photos, add videos, add pages, whatever! So if you would like to be a Admin for the wiki, just go to my profile click on the Wiki, and just ask on the Message Board or Blog Post, or Talk. If you are on Roblox, and you can't find a way to message me ok Wiki, you can message me on Roblox: HarleyandJoker007. Want…

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    July 30, 2013 by HarleyandJoker007

    Pokemon used to be great in the Early 2000's, but now that it's early 2010's it's Rubbish!!!!!!!!!, well it was ok in 2010, but after that Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's my compliments and complaints:

    Pokemon in early 2000's was wonderful, it was a great anime, one of my favourites. Great characters, Ash would be my least favourite, but I could take him if he stayed or go, Brock was really funny, not halirous, but funny. Misty was amazing best companion in Pokemon ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Top 5 Things In Pokemon -

    5. Misty

    4. Brock

    3. Misty

    2. The Fact The Show Was In The Early 2000's

    1. Did I Mention Misty?

    Pokemon was a great wonderful show, my favourite Anime, until Misty left, then it was around 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, well in top 5 favourite ani…

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  • HarleyandJoker007


    July 23, 2013 by HarleyandJoker007

    Is anyone here on Roblox, I know some people on Wikia that are on Roblox, but anyone else? On Roblox my name is HarleyandJoker007, so anyone know me?

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  • HarleyandJoker007

    Today I plan to make my first Wiki, I plan to make lots of them, and today I'm gonna start on my Gregory Horror Show one, I want to get it finished by the start of August! So only 9 Days and A Half!!! Here's a list of other Wikis I plan to make -

    Doctor Who (Not sure what to call it)

    Batman (Not sure what to call it)

    The Legend of Zelda (Not sure what to call it)

    Gravity Falls (Not sure what to call it)

    Anime and Manga (Not sure what to call it)

    But I have 1 question, what should I call it?

    I was think one of these names -

    Gregory's House

    Gregory Horror Show The Wiki

    Gregory Horror Show Wiki

    Gregory Horror Show

    (Tell me in comments which one, or suggest one)

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