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Looking for Admins

I've been look for Admins for my wiki: Comic-con International Wiki. The wiki is about Comic-con, and it just got promoted recently and is looking for some Admins to give it some TLC. It the fist wiki of mine to get promoted, and I've been working very hard, there's a bunch of stuff in it I don't understand, and I've found ways to fix it up, and do wired stuff with it without using a guide or any help. If your Admin you can edit, add photos, add videos, add pages, whatever! So if you would like to be a Admin for the wiki, just go to my profile click on the Wiki, and just ask on the Message Board or Blog Post, or Talk. If you are on Roblox, and you can't find a way to message me ok Wiki, you can message me on Roblox: HarleyandJoker007. Want to know more about the wikis Admin? Just reply here or message me, Thanks.


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