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Second Day

If you guys don't understand it is just a movie plan Okay.. First Day I looked through my telescope ... I saw Mars. I wondered how it would be to live there .. So I traveled to Mars in my Mini Rocket. I met a guy named John. The Alien Bullied Us Too Much. So we moved John moved to Earth and I moved to Mercury . It was so hot there I decided to move to Pluto. So I got inside my Mini Rocket and travelled*whoosh* "AAhhhhhhh!" I just missed Pluto!! Help!! Fortunately there was a guy on Pluto he threw a flashlight at me I finally made my way to Make Make ( It is a Dwarf Planet. ) I decided to take a nap. zzzzzzzz. Yawn . Huh.. I am on Pluto. Guess what will go in here____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wait tommorow to see Tell me in the Comments Back to the Movie Anthony fell asleep. I decided to leave him on Pluto.

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Second Day on the solar system. I guess Anthony is on Pluto I left my cellphone there ... No answer.

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