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Welcome to Wikia

Hello there, I'm Hearth. Click here to see my user profile. This article is for new Wikia users.

Welcome Messages

When a user makes their first edit, a welcome message is displayed on their Message Wall. See this for an example of a Message Wall. Welcome Messages are usually automated.

Community Central Chat (or CCC)

On almost every page in this Wiki, you'll find a box that says how many users are currently in chat and also shows their avatars. If the chat is active you can click Join The Chat to communicate with active users. If the chat is not active, you can choose the Start A Chat option. (You may not always be able to communicate with anyone when you choose this option.


Linking is not always easy, and, unfortunately, I'm ​not  ​a linking expert. But, an easy way to link to user profiles is:

[[User:Username|custom text here]]

I'm afraid I have to end this article, as I, unfortunately, do not have much Wikia expertise. But, you can contact me at my message wall anytime. Thanks for reading!

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