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Trolling On Happy Wheels Wiki

Okay, I know that this may seem a bit unnecessary to complain about, but there has been MAJOR and HUGE trollism on Happy Wheels Wiki lately (aside from spam, porography, and vandalism). Users have been constantly trolling me, harassing me, sending me spam, creating hate Wiki's about me, and reporting me for "harassing" them back! I've also had users hack into my IP address!

I've already been blocked for seeking "revenge" against them, and I've tried negotiating with them, but they immaturely respond in an over-exaggerated manner, and complain over me "supposedly" not using corrrect grammar and spelling!

SO WHAT! The internet is FULL of slang! Get used to it!

I can't edit on Wikia in peace anymore without trolls stalking me and constantly creating multiple accounts after being blocked countless times!

And on top of that, they've also managed to vandalize me wiki, and I made a stupid mistake by doing-so back at them!

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