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    Someone pops into chat and says this. What is your reaction?

    If you are an efficient wikist, you are probably not going to edit that wiki. You know that edits are hard, and the reward of an edit is:

    • the existence of recorded information
    • the absence of that recorded information before your edit
    • the likelihood that that edit's information will be viewed and used by someone needing it.

    There are so many Spongebob wikis floating around, including several popular ones, that the likelihood that your particular information will not already be recorded is pretty minimal. Also minimal is the likelihood that anyone would search for that information on any wiki other than The amount of hyphenated clutter in the URL of spongebob-2-fan-o…

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  • Henstepl

    Hi! I'm Henstepl, and I've been working with User:Lady Aleena to improve the quality of Templates Wiki. We've made some serious progress, but there's one field we're lacking in: a good navbox template.

    I'd love to have one of the dynamic navbox templates you can see on many well-developed wikis. But alas! I worry that all I will find in looking for the fairest navbox template will be unoriginal, copied from another wiki, who inevitably copied it from another wiki. I would be a lot happier if I could identify a navbox template along with the fellow who wrote it, for attribution purposes.

    So, Wikia, who, and on what wiki, has written the fairest navbox of all?

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  • Henstepl

    Creating a Navbox

    August 13, 2017 by Henstepl
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