• HermioneLuna7

    Hi :)

    July 14, 2017 by HermioneLuna7

    ​Hi guys! How are ya doing? Hope very well😁! So...Since I just Smade my account on 'fandom' I thought it would be a good idea to give yoh guys a bit more information about me so...let's get started!😁😉


    1: What are you wearing?

    A pair of shorts and a yellow T-shirt

    2: Ever been in love?


    3: Ever had a terrible breakup?


    4: How tall are you?

    1,65 m

    5: How much do you weigh?


    6: Any tattoos?

    No, and I don't wantwant any

    7: Any piercings?

    No, and I don't want any

    8: OTP?

    Romione❤ ( Ron&Hermione )

    9: Favorite show?

    Don't have one😁😅

    10: Favorite band?

    Way too many! I think maybe...'MUSE' ! Idk!

    11: Something you miss? .


    12: Favorite song?

    Right now, 'Centuries'Centuries' by Fall Out Boy

    13: How old are you?


    14: Zodiac sign?

    ​Gemini♊… Read more >