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What Wikians Have Changed Your Life?

Herzjitu September 24, 2016 User blog:Herzjitu

So, I was just reading an article from my former high school where a backpack was being given away to a person who was nominated as the most influencing team member of the cross country team. Sorry, I don't have any freebies to give away, but I do want to bring to light some of the Wikians who have been most influencing on this Wiki- past or present. Some of us don't get along at all, but I'm hoping that this blog might raise some questions as to what standard we're holding Wikians to, and who is exceeding those standards.

Yes, you can nominate more than one person. :P

The People

  • TK-999
    • "SS37, we have definitely gone a long way. You've had my back through absolutely everything. In addition to that, you've progressed as a civil member since I first met you. You're unbelievably kind, and I hope you realize that." -- Herzjitu

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