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  • HeyMrDJ

    Wikia - The Movie

    July 17, 2013 by HeyMrDJ

    So I had this crazy idea that there could be a Wikia movie. I know we couldn't actually film or anything, but we could document it. 

    Anyway, if you want to sign up for the cast, just comment below.

    So......I am making a reality show type camp so I think that I could do really good for this. I promise, you won't regret it. ;) 

    Also, please help me come up with a plot. I will try the best I can.

    The Wiki community is celebrating an anniversary of one of the Wiki's in cyberspace when suddenly a troll appears and has a crew of vandals and hackers with him. It's now up to admins and other users to jump Wiki to Wiki to track down the vandals before they attack the Wiki's main server; destroying the link to all Wiki's and deleting them.

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  • HeyMrDJ

    Wiki Adventure Camp

    July 4, 2013 by HeyMrDJ

    Please join this camp. I would really appreciate it and stuff. And don't ask. Ugh. I said this exactly 27 times....yes, I counted....but...........

    Two teams compete against each other in a variety of challenges to win the secret ultimate grand prize. The losing team will eliminate a contestant. And that contestant will never come back. EVER. Only one will win. The rest will walk off

    Sponsored by Frito Lay

    So, what do you think? Please join here:

    Sign up ends in............three hours. So join now. It takes place at that chat every Thursday at 9:00 PM Central Time. First episode is today. So don't miss it!

    And yes, I'm getting payed for this. Heh

    Contestants so far:

    1. Supereggy5…
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  • HeyMrDJ


    June 19, 2013 by HeyMrDJ

    Goodbye, wikians. I really like.......enjoyed my time with all of you. If only I got to know you all better. I really had fun on wikia, but......all this stress in my life. I just want to end it all. I'm sorry. I hope to see you all in the afterlife. Goodbye.

    From your friend....

    HeyMrDJ (talk)

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