Hello fellow Wikians! Do you like memes? Have you heard of Weegee? Do you find Weegee interesting?

Well come to Weegeepedia! We are a fanon community inspired by both the Weegee meme itself and the former Weegee fad! We have our own canon, and we would be interested in seeing what you could add on to it!

What is Weegee?

Weegee is a character based on a sprite found in the educational game Mario is Missing! Eventually, a LUElinks user named MonkeyintheCloset remade the sprite into a vectorized image. This became the subject to the meme we know today, and later became the subject of Weegeepedia!

About the Wiki

Weegeepedia is a fanon community that goes by one timeline. That being said, that doesn't mean you can't add your own creations! You could create a nation in the vast region of the Trolliverse, create your own character, create new planets and locations as subjects for new articles, and even create your own armies! Make friends, foes, or start a war to assert your nation's power! If you don't want to enter the fanon politics, you can choose to create objects, new species, creeps, etc.

We also have a roleplay community that is consistently hosting roleplays within its very own Live! Chat. The character you decide to play as doesn't even have to be related to Weegee at all!

Questions and Help

Do you have any questions about this wiki or need help with getting started? Contact one of these three active administrators that help run Weegeepedia:

  1. User:ArmageddongeeITA
  2. User:User909
  3. User:Hiddenlich (You may choose to contact me here or on Weegeepedia itself)
Weegee's Stare