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October 29, 2011
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  • HomestarSB9

    Rule blogs

    September 13, 2012 by HomestarSB9

    Okay, on the Random-ness Wiki, There is a user, Tornadospeed, and he is a admin. And made a blog about new rules, NOT RULES LIKE ORDAINARY RULES, This is the blog. It is making me mad.

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  • HomestarSB9

    Okay, so lately I have seen a Anonymous person who want's to boycott the staff, because MattBoo was blocked, It's no big deal. He was just underage. The wikia contributor made a article on Nick Fanon called "LET'S BOYCOTT WIKIA!" that is nonsense.

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  • HomestarSB9


    April 9, 2012 by HomestarSB9

    What can I say about Doug.scheer, Well he is a angry person, He once called me a loser and he hates me. I hate him back. He once treathed me by saying fictional characters to stop. He SHOULD stop harrashing everyone he trashes everyone even my friend Pac-Man 64 who Doug bullied and now my friend is dead. Thanks alot Doug, Thanks alot (sobs).

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  • HomestarSB9

    Overrated Things

    April 1, 2012 by HomestarSB9

    Okay, There has been over reatced inmature blocks like LT Fan was blocked on my home wiki just because he liked Dora and everyone is protesting against him, and he has had my friend, Robilist three times. Also, doug.scheer has been cyberbullying pepole on the Video Game Fanon Wiki and my home wiki (Nick Fanon), Doug hates McDonalds, Lucky Charms, Woody, Fred and Alvin and the Chipmunks just because he hates those doesn't mean he needs to make fun of them on my home wiki, that is overrated. Also someone copied Doug's Gannon X games on Video Game Fanon and man was Doug mad and OVERRATED!

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  • HomestarSB9

    I have seen perverted comments on wiki articles, like this a anonymmus contributer posted a comment on a deleted page called "Spongebob Movie Sequel" and the comment said "I wanna suck Sandy's c**k so hard o wait she doesnt have one" That is perverted, sick, and gross. That is way against the rules of Wikia, So, If there are anymore perverted comments on a article that you know of, tell me.

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