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Spams on Pages and Catigories

I know I'm famous for the Ultra Butt post but here is another post I would like the share.

Near Christmas I've seen spamming on a page on Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki which was MattBoo and Friends: Warriors Against LT Fan a anonymus user made a nonsense content named ;';l'l. There was nothing in it but l'

Also another spam was on the same page by that same anonymus user deleted all of the page and put MUhahahaha209.243.23.238 21:24, December 12, 2011 (UTC). Though I found this more like vandalisim than spam.

Also a user SpongebobGUY:) did something to the title on the same page. He put spamming in the title along with a innapropprite message at the end.

Also I seen spamming catigories on this article. Most of these catigories are spam.

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