• Honeyheart of ForestClan


    Leader. Honeystar-golden brown tabby she-car with a blue and green eye

    Deputy. Sunstrike-yellow and white,handsome tabby tom.dark green eyes

    Medicine cat. Cherrypelt-silver tabby she-cat with dazzling blue eyes

    Stormfeather-dark grey tabby tom Apprentice-dewpaw

    WARRIORS(toms and she-cat without kits)

    Cougarscar-light fawn tom with a long scar over his face

    Wolffang-greyish brown tom with long sharp dentals

    Sunsplash -small,lean,golden tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes

    Sandflight-light ginger she-cat

    Hawkstorm-dark beown tabby tom with sharp hook like claws

    Hollyblossom-jet black she-cat with a white blaze on her chest.dark blue eyes

    Fallensky-orange and white tabby tom

    Flowersong-small pale ginger she-cat

    Darkglade-black tabby tom.former me…

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